Munchkin Letters and Numbers

As a former educator, literacy is a big thing for me. I have been introducing letters and numbers to my son through play. Right now, I am using the Munchkin Letters and Numbers to introduce letters through play in the tub. The Munchkin Letters and Numbers are great for this. They are made out of non-toxic foam that sticks to the wall when wet.

There is a warning on the package for a choking hazard, but I don’t know how a child could choke on these. They are about 2.5 inches tall and at least an inch wide (for the single letters like L, I and 1).

They are very durable. My son has chewed on them, pulled on them and twisted them in all sorts of directions and they have yet to tear, rip or break. You can’t even see teeth marks on them.

They float on the water so they are easy to find.

They are non absorbent, and resist mold and mildew. This is a huge thing for a mom. If they do need a cleaning, you can wipe them with a water/vinegar solution and they are good as new.

They are really easy to store. We have them tossed into a shower basket, but you can also get them wet and store them on the wall.

They are fun. There are so many things you can do with the Munchkin Letters and Numbers. They come in 6 different colors, so little ones can sort them by color. They stick to the shower wall, bath tub and even to skin. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have gotten out of the tub with a letter or two stuck to my back. You can use them to practice spelling words, teach letter recognition, teach sounds and just have fun with them.

Do you have the Munchkin Letters and Numbers? How do you like them?

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