VTECH Learn & Dance Interactive Zoo

My son received the VTECH Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo for Christmas, and it quickly became one of his favorite toys. The VTECH Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo features an interactive monkey that moves and twists when the joystick is moved, 5 different songs, 5 animal buttons and a spinning roller.

The toy itself is really cute. It features bright colors and a variety of different textures. The music note on the front lights up, and the buttons all move fluidly.

The Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo is engaging. My son can sit there for almost 30 minutes playing with it. He loves to push the buttons and hear the different animal songs, roll the log and look at the turtles and make the monkey dance.

Safety is not an issue with this toy. None of the pieces can be removed, and there are no sharp corners to cut little fingers or toes. The Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo is only 2 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about your child dropping it and hurting themselves.

The Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo is so incredibly loud and obnoxious. There is no volume control, so it blasts the songs loudly. I have covered the speaker with gauze to muffle the sounds, but it is still very loud. This is the number one complaint by anyone that I know that has this toy.

The voice they chose is somewhat creepy. VTECH chose a man’s voice for the songs and sounds. The way the voice sounds, is very creepy to my husband and myself. We have compared it to the sing song sounds that Chucky makes.

The sound is distorted, so you can’t really tell what the song is saying. I hear “I’m a big fat tall giraffe,” instead of “I’m a big and tall giraffe.” Or “I’m a creepy elephant,” instead of I’m a great big elephant.”

The buttons are on the top, so the entire toy spends most of its time toppled over from being top heavy. Because of how it topples, the buttons have started to stick and make the same animal sound over and over. It doesn’t matter which button you push, the toy only makes the elephant sound.

The joystick loses its ability to move the monkey after a bit. I would think that for a child’s toy, the makers would make movable parts a bit more sturdy and able to handle rough movements.

Overall, I really like the VTECH Learn & Dance Interactive Zoo. While it is an annoying toy to me, my son loves it and is kept occupied for quite awhile. If it was a bit more resilient I would give it 5 stars.

What do you think of the VTECH Learn & Dance Interactive Zoo?

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