Podee Covert-A-Bottle Feeding Kit

It never fails: every time my husband and I are going somewhere, our son gets hungry in the car halfway to our destination. For short trips it doesn’t matter much, but if we are going to be in the car for awhile or have quite a few errands to run, it became an issue. He doesn’t have the ability to hold the bottle on his own yet, so we were left with 1)letting him scream and cry until we arrive at our destination, 2)climb into the backseat and hold the bottle (or just turn in the passenger seat and lean over just far enough to hold the bottle in his mouth), or 3)find a way that he could manipulate the bottle on his own.

I came across the Podee Bottle System during a google search. The Podee system is perfect for the busy parent on-the-go. The Podee system features an upright feeding system that is supposed to help reduce the amount of air and gas a baby swallows, as well as helps reduce ear infections and colic. It allows for hands free, mess free, frustration free feeding.


I headed over to Amazon.com, where I found the original Podee bottle system for $10.65 with free shipping with Amazon Prime. I also saw the Podee Covert-A-Bottle Feeding Kit, which allows you to connect the Podee system to any 8 ounce standard sized bottle for $8.99. I decided to go with the Convert-A-Bottle kit because I already have quite a few bottles on hand.

I ordered two of the Convert-A-Bottle kits. When you first get the kit, there is a bag of bottle parts in the box.


Included in the bag is the nipple, two cap rings, the nipple adapter, disk, flexible tubing and draw tubing. There is also a stainless steel brush included to clean the tubing with.


The kit was incredibly easy to put together. You simply attach the draw tube to the bottom of the disk. Attach the flexible tubing to the top of the disk and through one of the cap rings. Attach the other end of the flexible tube to the nipple adapter. Put the nipple on the other cap ring and then screw the nipple adapter to the cap ring. When you are finished it should look like this:


When you are ready to use the Podee system, place the draw tube in the bottle and screw the cap ring to the bottle just as you would the original cap ring.


What I Like:

The Podee system is easy to assemble and easy to use. Attach the straws, screw it onto the bottle and you are ready to go! I love the fact that I can use the Dr. Brown’s bottles with the Podee kit. When I am out and about it gives me the option of using the Dr. Brown’s nipple system or the Podee kit.

My son has really bad reflux and vomits quite frequently. I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of air that he gets into his tummy with the Podee kit. He is able to sit upright, or at an elevated incline, which not only reduces the air he swallows, but allows him to easily burp if need be.

It’s perfect for car travel. Once the bottle is made, you can prime the nipple and put it in the seat. The days of frantically trying to feed the baby in the car or in the stroller are gone. The Podee makes feeding on the go a breeze.

It’s easy to clean. Yes, there are a few parts (7 to be exact), but cleaning the Podee system is so much easier than cleaning the vent system in the Dr. Brown’s bottles. Most of the time I can soak the tubing and wipe the rest of the pieces with a soapy sponge. The Podee kit does not retain odor or stain.

You can use any standard sized nipple in the Podee cap ring.Babies tend to be pretty particular when it comes to the flow of their milk. You can easily change the nipple out to meet the flow requirements of your child. For example, my son requires a really slow flow nipple and most standard bottle nipples are too fast. The Podee system allows me to use the preemie nipple with the kit so my son doesn’t choke on his milk.

The Podee kit is similar in size to that of a pacifier. I really like this aspect because it doesn’t block my sons nose while he eats.

What I Don’t Love:

You have to prime the nipple to get milk into it before giving it to the baby. If you don’t prime the nipple, the baby will suck in quite a bit of air. More than once  I have given the bottle to my son without priming the nipple, and each time he gets air bubbles between the milk.

If you do not keep the bottle in an upright position, it can leak. Most of the time it is pretty easy to make sure the bottle stays in an upright position, but let’s face it…..sometimes it gets knocked over. The leak is pretty substantial on the rare occasion that it gets dumped.

Nipples and tubes are not easy to replace. Because the Podee isn’t carried in stores around me, I had to order it online. Unfortunately I also have to order the replacement parts online too. If I need a part in a hurry, I still have to wait for delivery. I can’t just go pick up a replacement part at Target.

There is no wide mouth bottle adapter. We recently started using the Philips Avent wide necked bottles because the other ones were getting to be such a hassle to clean. Unfortunately the Podee kit only works with standard sized 8 ounce bottles. I can’t use it with my Avent bottles because the cap ring is too small.

Speaking of size, I wish the Podee kit was offered in sizes other than 8 ounce. Our son typically only drinks between 2 and 4 ounces at a time. The Podee kit can make it difficult for him to finish the bottle because it doesn’t quite make it all the way to the bottom of the bottle.


All in all, I really love the Podee kit and will be using it quite a bit in the future. Yes, it can be a pain to have to prime the nipple before use, but it’s easier to prime the nipple than hang over the car seat and try to hold the bottle in the baby’s mouth.

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