Graco Duet Connect 2-in-1 Swing and Bouncer


When you are short on living space, baby products that serve multiple purposes are a must. The Graco Duet Connect 2-in-1 Swing and bouncer does just that. The swing features 6 speeds, plays nature sounds and classical music and a two position seat recline. The bouncer offers two speed vibration control for baby’s comfort.


What I Love:

  • I love the dual purpose of this swing. Having a detachable bouncer has been nice when I need to leave the room and take the little guy with me.
  • The music is calming and provides enough variation that it doesn’t become repetitive. One of the worst things to me is baby music that keeps playing the same tune over and over. This swing does not do that.
  • Auto music shut off. Once the songs cycle through once, the music stops playing. This is a great feature if the baby falls asleep in the swing, but not so great if it’s the only thing making your baby happy at the moment.
  • The color scheme matches our high chair and car seat/stroller perfectly. I personally love when the baby gear all matches, and Graco does an amazing job at offering multiple products with the same pattern.
  • The seat on the swing and bouncer combo is a soft microfiber material that provides baby with a soft and comfortable place to relax. My little guy loves snuggling into the seat and rubbing his hands on the fabric.
  • The swing is incredibly sturdy. It looks like it would be pretty bulky from the pictures, but it does not take up very much space and does not rock the way that other swings do. I was initially nervous that the swing wouldn’t be able to hold our almost 7 pound son up, but it is still going strong.
  • The price tag is an unbeatable deal. At $139.99 at Target, you are paying less for the swing and bouncer combo than a lot of individual swings or bouncers.

What I Do Not Love:

  • The volume isn’t very loud, especially on the white noise/nature sounds. I can barely hear it at times (which may be a bonus) but if I can’t hear it, my little won’t be able to hear it while he is in a mood.
  • The vibration setting on the bouncer seat sounds like a jack hammer. It is incredibly loud and not soothing at all. Your  options are loud or louder jack hammer.
  • Batteries in a frequently used baby product just don’t make sense to me. Our little guy had some tummy issues and I found the swing the best place for him to be when he was uncomfortable. The angle of the swing was perfect to alleviate  his tummy troubles. He isn’t in the swing more than an hour or two total during the day, but there are times when that’s all that can soothe him and keep him asleep. That being said, we have gone through so many batteries with this swing. It seems to use a lot of battery power. With no plug in option, we go through 4 batteries every week and a half or so….more if we use the swing more.
  • The bouncer is kind of hard to remove from the swing. The buttons on the side stick occasionally and don’t like to let go of the swing base.

Would I Recommend This To Others?

If you are short on space and do not need to use the swing that often I would definitely recommend this swing. It doesn’t take up much space and the dual purpose is worth the extra few dollars. However, I would not recommend this swing for anyone who uses the swing frequently. The cost of batteries over the life of the swing will be way more than the extra money spent on a swing with an option to plug into the wall.




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